Frequently Asked Questions

As a Space Owner, do I have control of who books my space?

Yes of course. We only act as a communications platform and a payment processor for you and the prospective customer booking your space. When someone wishes to book your space, you will be sent an email with a link to all the details of the booking request. There you can message the would be renter for any clarification and Accept or Deny the booking request. Everything is always under your control.

What do you charge for this service?

To list your space is completely free! When someone books your space, we take a platform fee of 17% + $0.30 for every successful booking off the total of the rental price. (Example on a $100 rental, the renter pays $100 (sales taxes included already), and the space owner will receive $82.70 in revenue for the booking). This fee includes the cost of running the platform, of driving prospective renters through advertising and paying Stripe our payment processor to keep all transactions secure. We spend the time learning the best practices of digital advertising to market your space, saving you time and money. Our platform allows you to keep communications and payments all in one place, giving you a record and helping you stay safe. Finally, customers you approve to rent your space pay upfront, meaning no chasing renters for unpaid invoices.

Can I cancel a booking?

Space owners and renters can cancel a booking up to 10 days before the start of the event. This helps to protect both the Space Owner’s revenue and the Renter’s peace of mind. Of course, we understand things happens. If there are extenuating circumstances that require a party to cancel within the 10 days, please contact our Support for help and we will work through the problem together.

As a Space Owner, how do I receive the revenue payments from bookings on my spaces?

Once you publish your first space, you will then see notifications at the top of your dashboard saying you need to update account and banking information. Once you have put in the necessary personal and banking information, payment from bookings on your space will be transferred to your account 7 days after they are paid.

Is there a rental agreement? If so, is it with FillSpaces.com?

No, we do not provide rental agreements as we are simply an advertising platform for the license to use your space. There are many great templates online that can easily be found using a Google search for “Ontario Event/Commercial Space Rental Agreement Template.” Any agreements can be created and emailed between the Space Owner and Renter once the booking has been paid for. We highly recommend such agreements, but it is of course not necessary for use of the platform. A forthcoming feature will be image-upload feature in the chat/messaging. This will allow agreements to be uploaded directly in FillSpaces.com. The only agreements between Space Owners, Renters and FillSpaces are the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy which you agree to once you sign up to become a user of our platform.

Why am I being asked for Driver's License or Passport information in the space owner personal verification section.

We use Stripe Connect Payment Processing, a leader in global digital payment processing. When you reach a certain amount of revenue through the platform, Stripe, in complying with "Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering" laws asks for further identification to confirm your identity.

Do I always have to log in to get messages or booking information?

No, when you receive a message, publish your space, have a new booking on your space or when a booking is approved or denied, you will receive an email notification with a link that will take you to the message or relevant booking page.

What about sales tax?

Sales tax is included in the price of the booking. For example, if in Ontario, Canada, you pay $100 for a booking, then $11.50 tax is already included in the price. If you are a space owner, then the sales tax included is in your revenue minus our FillSpaces and Stripe fees of 17% + $0.30. For example, say on a $100 rental, you receive $82.70 in revenue. Out of that $82.70, $9.51 is the sales tax included in that price. If you remit sales tax to the government, you will need to ensure that this $9.51 is added to your regular remittance. There will be upcoming features where space owners can view simple read outs of their transactions with a sales tax remittance to the Canada Revenue Agency.

What about insurance?

Insurance is always a big question with sharing economy companies such as ours. As a Space Owner, you should have Commercial General Liability insurance to cover your exposure in having different commercial uses in your space (e.g. events, productions, pop-up retail, meetings). Your insurance can cover the infrequent but different uses of the space, but you should check with your insurance provider to determine whether or not this is the case. For instance, if you have a meeting space and for insurance reasons you never want events with alcohol, you can clearly say that in your features when setting up your space profile to ensure you do not get inquiries that you ultimately would need to deny.  As for the renter, many space owners in the past have required that their renter provide a certificate of insurance naming the space owner as an additional insured. We also highly recommend that renters putting on a event, especially one with alcohol, purchase their own event or Party Alcohol Liability (PAL) insurance whether or not the Space Owner requests it or not.